IIUMSU Election: Candidates for Treasurer seats present manifestos

By Muhammad Najmi bin Sabri

GOMBAK, 6 April 2021: Candidates seeking to contest the treasurer seats in the coming IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) Election had the opportunity to present their manifestos to all voters in a forum organised by IIUMSU Election Commission on Sunday (4 April).

There were three candidates for these seats and all of them brought the same main idea in their manifestos but with different styles of execution.

All the candidates, however, won unopposed when results were announced on Sunday afternoon (4 April) following the closure of nomination earlier.

Here are the manifestos.

1) Treasurer Candidate:

He has three points in his manifesto which are he wants to structure a strong financial foundation for IIUMSU because IIUMSU is still new and does not have a strong financial foundation. Next, he plans to make the systematic financial plan to generate sustainable income for the IIUMSU. He wants to a make bigger engagement with IIUM office, government organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) to make sure IIUMSU benefits from it.  

2) Assistant Treasurer 1 Candidate:

He wants to make a detailed financial planning that eases IIUMSU to pursue financial goal. He also wants to make a cashless society project in IIUM community by using IIUMSU platform to ease money transactions between students and vendors. He said to realise this project IIUMSU must have their own e-wallet system. He wants to make a Wakaf system that will generate sustainable income for IIUMSU.

3) Assistant Treasurer 2 Candidate:

She wants to adapt the drop-ship and agent system in IIUMSU financial planning to generate sustainable income. She thought this system can be beneficial not only to IIUMSU but would also benefit IIUM students because this system will involve IIUM students to run it. She will design a module to make sure the system run smoothly.

There were questions and answers before and after the manifestos presentation. Questions and answers before the manifestos presentation are to ensure viewers have the picture on the credibility of the treasurer candidates. The treasurer candidates are Dhiyauddin (Treasurer Candidate), Aidi Zuhaili (Assistant Treasurer 1 Candidate) and Rabiatul Addawiyah (Assistant Teasurer 2 Candidate).

The forum was moderated by Nurul Hamizatul Ain from English Communication, Kulliyyah of Language Management (ENCOM, KLM).

Readers may check the full recorded video of the forum here. For more information about the IIUMSU Election, readers may follow the official IIUMSU Election Commission social media accounts.***

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