STEADFAST debate: Encouraging response despite holding it virtually

By Tuan Nurul Iffah Binti Tuan Ismail and Muhd Khairul Ikhwan Bin Che Baharim

GOMBAK, 30 March 2021:  Despite having it virtually for the first time, the three-day STEADFAST Parliamentary Debate Competition (SPACE) 2021 held from 26 until 28 March did not reduce the spirit and enthusiasm of both the organiser and the participants.

SPACE 2021 had received very encouraging participation from the STEADFAST bureau, with a total of 16 teams competing, and the judges consisting of experienced debate club members and invited judges among the alumni of the STEADFAST club.

Organised by Student Facilitator Team (STEADFAST), a well-known and an active club both inside and outside IIUM, it had been a tradition for the debate to be organised face-to face every year.

This was the first time that the club had introduced an innovation and holding it virtually using the Google Meet platform and live streaming on Facebook and Youtube, given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The debate competition was previously known by the name MCLeague President’s Cup, but for the 2021 edition, a new breath had emerged and it was known by the name SPACE.

STEADFAST had identified three main objectives in organising the debate: to highlight the club through this event; to strengthen the brotherhood between STEADFAST members and alumni; to strengthen communication and public speaking skills and knowledge among participants.

This year’s event saw Human Resource Management (HRM) bureau collaborating with Gerakan Muda Mahasiswa (GEMUDA) bureau and Malay Debate Club (Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu or in short KDBM).

The competition was organised for all STEADFAST bureau members to train them to be optimistic and critical in their thinking, at the same time to cultivate a competitive nature in each member.

According to head of the HRM bureau, Muhd Khairul Ikhwan bin Che Baharim, this year’s event has succeeded in achieving its objectives, opened more space for STEADFAST members to hone their creative and critical thinking skills, as well as a great opportunity for members to know each other better.

Muhd Khairul Ikhwan Che Baharim

The final stage had brought teams from the Outreach bureau as the government, and the HRM bureau as the opposition, with a national themed motion “This House believes the monarchy system is better for Malaysia”.

The defending champion for two previous consecutive editions, the Outreach bureau, once again managed to defend their position by defeating the HRM team by a close margin of just one point.

The best debater of the final stage was ‘Aqil Mujahid from the Outreach team for which he also took home the title of best debater overall in the men’s category. While the best debater of the overall women’s category went to Maria Nashirah from the HRM team.

‘Aqil Mujahid

The winners took home prizes in the form of a SPACE 2021 round trophy, an accompanying trophy, and an e-certificate.

The closing ceremony of the debate was officiated by STEADFAST’s advisor, Mr. Mohd Azrul Hazerin bin Abdul Razak and was also attended by the advisor of IIUM World Debate and Oratory Centre (IWON), Madam Mizan binti Muhammad. ***

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