Sidney Sheldon’s “Nothing Lasts Forever”: My Review

By Syahirah Nawawi

This is my first attempt at reading Sidney Sheldon’s book. My dad is a big fan of this writer. Can you just imagine how many times he mentioned his all-time favourite author? He keeps on recommending me to read any book written by Sidney Sheldon.

I am trying to be an obedient daughter, took one of the books and started reading it. Before I read the book, I set my goals which were gaining new things such as vocabularies, styles, etc., and exploring myself more like maybe I can discover a new interest or genre.

Alright! Everything is set, and I’m ready to review this novel called “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Sidney Sheldon.

1. Brief summary

Let me give you a short yet sweet summary of this story.

It revolves around three first-year female doctors at Embarcadero County Hospital (look at that hospital name, phew). Many ups and downs faced by these characters. That is it—short, sweet and not too detail. Don’t be mad. Here is a picture I took for you guys, so feel free to have ideas or assumptions about what this novel will present to you.

2. Crucial aspect

The crucial aspect of this novel is…drum roll, please. The storyline is so enjoyable, understandable, unpredictable (add on more of these -able words in this sentence) to the extent I re-read this book another three times. Well, it is because this story was telling about how female doctors struggle in balancing work and life. Not to forget the interruption of police, law, sex education/reference (wait, what?) in this world created by Sidney Sheldon. Please, readers, I have mentioned that I have taken alike this book, so don’t misinterpret my writing.

It was nerve-wracking in each chapter. I still remember the very clear feeling when I started reading the prologue for only four to five pages. The tense and stress vibes in the court with two lawyers arguing and defending their clients, Oh Lord. Oh! How can I forgot the presiding judge, Vanessa Young! She is a brilliant character that I found amusing. People, give this book creator a round of applause.

Other than that, I somehow had the guts to pretend to be a doctor and surgeon. There were tons of medical terms, and you know what? I was able to understand those terms because of the explanation provided by the author. He really considered his readers. However, I don’t think I can be neither a doctor nor a surgeon after I rethink it.

3. Favourite quotes

Frankly speaking, there are so many quotes that have stolen my heart. This was one of them:

This quote really stings my heart somehow. Maybe because it is related to our decision-making whether we want to solve the problem by running away and point it (the fault) as theirs or making things right for us by being someone we want to be, i.e. face the music.

4. Conclusion

  • The past sometimes will be hard on you, but who you are today, you must be grateful and thank the past for whatever happened.
  • Sometimes you are just not their cup of tea. Want to know why? Perhaps they prefer coffee rather than tea. 
  • Love always brings along happiness and sadness with them. Like it or not, sign the form with both of them for you to attain love. 

5. Star-rating

With the power that I have as a reader. This book/novel/story deserves 5 out of 5 stars due to the fantastic storytelling. ***

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