We learn from making mistakes, but don’t repeat same mistakes

By Mohamad Faris Haziq

Mistakes take place in various forms. A mistake can be in a decision making, it can be a failure to properly comply with instructions or it can even be something to appreciate every moment in life.

Life will never be perfect even if we tried our very best. At times we take a moment for ourselves, envisage what the world holds for us. At some point, we harped on the problems we encounter and we perceive life as a short destination before achieving our dreams.

Mistakes is like a missing puzzle, we find the missing ones, combine it all to make into one. When one goes missing, it is imperfect. Mistakes exist for a certain reasonable ground. It holds a paramount purpose that are concealed from our sights and mind.

The more mistakes we make, the more knowledge we procure, the more successful we are. But we as a human being, we have the tendency to ruminate that mistakes lead us astray. Successful people are never perfect even though we may as well think so, but before they even manage to reach the peak of the mountain, they slipped several times and each time they slipped, they endeavour to find the mistakes and fixed it.

I might as well believe there are moments that we opt to obliterate, a sour moment, a moment that may create fear and agitation in us but ironically that moment changes our life forever. Every time we feel like giving up, what do we do to invigorate ourselves?

Everyone has his or her own way of motivating themselves but to me, to keep the spirit going, I would recall all the great and happy moments that I had with families, friends and even during studies. Every time, I ruminated on all these great moments, I felt invigorated and all the problems alleviated, it turns into dust and disappears into the wind. 

Everyone has a dream they wanted to achieve. Some may want to be a politician, a doctor or even a successful businessman but how are we supposed to be one if we failed to appreciate all the mistakes we made throughout the journey. I am of the view that some of us might find it difficult to not accept mistakes. Albert Einstein once quoted, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” 

 There were several moments that I endure where the challenge overpowered my perseverance to surmount it. But behind all those moments, I thought to myself that I would never be where I am right without it. From there, I started appreciating every moment of life and I started looking at myself as someone far from complete. To be the best, strength is incumbent to equip.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is done online so I wouldn’t be astounded that our problems deteriorate. Some of us failed to give our mind happiness, one of the factors that contributes to health issues and stress. Ironically today, people frequently get scolded when they made mistakes, but looking far beyond that, if they didn’t scold us, would we stop making the same mistakes? The answer would be a massive no. The fear they inculcate into our mind has made us more aware of our doing from making the same mistakes. It is never about making the mistakes; the problem is when we keep making the same mistakes. 

My sincere advice, keep your heads up. No life is perfect, nobody could survive without making a mistake. Even the essential ingredient to happiness is mistakes. We rarely contemplate that all negative occurrences will forever be negative. Everything depends on us. There are more than enough time to turn negativity into positivity in a matter seconds. So, let us strengthen ourselves and trust the process. Only we can change ourselves, nobody else has the power to do so.***

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