COVID-19 Update: 2,451 new cases, Selangor still leads

By Tuan Nurul Iffah Binti Tuan Ismail

GOMBAK, 9 January 2021: Today Malaysia records 2,451 new cases of COVID-19 infections bringing the total number of cumulative confirmed cases to 133,559, according to the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, the total number of active cases of COVID-19 infection is 26,185. Of the total new cases, five are imported while 2,446 cases are local, of which 1,858 cases are Malaysians and 588 cases, non-citizens.

Selangor reported the highest cases of 564 (23.0%). Of these, 342 cases (60.6%) are from clusters and COVID-19 close contact screening actively conducted in the field. This is followed by Sabah with 409 cases (16.7%), and Negeri Sembilan with 351 cases (14.3%).

A total of 327 cases (13.3%) reported were related to clusters in lockups, immigration detention depots, and prisons involving Jalan Harapan Prison Cluster (291 cases), Telok Mas Cluster (17 cases), Tembok Gajah Cluster (9 cases), Damai Pelangi Cluster (8 cases), Pagar Siput Cluster (1 case), and Choh Wall Cluster (1 case).

To date, there are 177 positive cases being treated at the intensive care unit (ICU), of which 82 cases require respiratory assistance.

An increase of five cases of COVID-19 deaths was recorded today, bringing the cumulative number of deaths to 542 cases (0.41% of the total cases).

The public has been advised to continue to follow health advice by always practising 3Ws (Wash, Wear and Warn), and to stay away from 3Cs (Crowded Places, Confined Places, Close Conversation) to break the chain of infections. ***

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