Good time to develop entrepreneurial mindset

By Amirul Ariff

GOMBAK, 15 November 2020: A programme introducing students to entrepreneurship is perhaps the best answer to the problems currently faced by them during the current pandemic.

Silat Cekak Hanafi IIUM Gombak in collaboration with a motivational speaker from Kulliyyah of Education, Mohd Ameruddin bin Rosli, took the initiative to introduce entrepreneurship mindset among the students.

A webinar on a topic “The Mind of Student Entrepreneurs” was held on Friday (14 November) through Facebook live focusing on the tips to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Business is the fastest way for us to build our dream. But it is not as easy as we thought. We need to accept the risk,” said Ameruddin Rosli, a motivational speaker and also a student from Kulliyyah of Education.

Amerudin Rosli was well known for his motivational speech on social media.

He said that nowadays most of the students in campus have started to find a way to gain money by selling things.

“We are in the era of fighting with Artificial Intelligence, most of the services are done online such as food delivery, one click away from getting the food and the job scope is getting smaller,” Ameruddin stressed.

He pointed out that the reason why people are doing business is because it is one of the platforms to build our character by having a good mindset and the right action.

“If you have a mindset of wanting to be rich, the wealth will run away. But, if you want to join the business because of the basis of concern about society problems, the wealth will come to you.”

He also highlighted that there is no one on Earth who is born to fail, and no one is born as a winner, but a human being is born to be a chooser.

“We want to give value to society. We help people, we give knowledge to help them to enhance their life. When we help the society, the wealth will come to us. Not us chasing the wealth.”

In his talk, Amerudin highlighted that “if you do what Allah S.W.T like, Allah S.W.T will give what you like worth of your effort”. “Allah S.W.T never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves.”

Concluding his talk, he stated that “no matter the rizq is fast or slow, the rizq was never wrong.”

The programme ended with a question and answer session.

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