Here are winners of “Creativity Research Prize”

GOMBAK, 9 June 2020: After a long-awaited deliberation, winners of “Creativity Research Prize”, a project organised by the Ulu Al Absar under the Department of Fundamental and Inter-Disciplinary Studies (FIDS) in collaboration with IIUMToday which ended on 1 June, have finally been announced.

“Creativity Research Prize” is a creative thinking research writing competition aimed at sharpening student’s creative thinking skills as well as honing student’s academic writing skills.

The list of winners are as follows:

Winners of the competition have shown deep interest in creative thinking and are hoping that the field of creative thinking in Islam and specifically in Malaysia will be expanded.

First place winner Thahirah Ashiq told IIUMToday, “Creative thinking should not be merely considered a subject where one gets graded or just a hollow learning objective.”

She hoped that through this research, the teaching of creative thinking will have a thorough plan and implementation in developing divergent thinking among the upcoming generation.

Meanwhile, second-place winner, Siti Hasanah, believes that creative thinking is important especially in the daily lives of students and academicians. She also believes that if students have more knowledge of creative thinking, such as how creativity is motivated, students will not be taking it for granted.

Shedding light on the Islamic aspect of creative thinking, third place winner, Juwairiyah Rosli highlighted that creativity is often viewed and discussed from western’s perspective and there are many guidelines on how to be creative from their point of view, but rarely in the Islamic sense.

“Our research thus enlightens the readers on how Islam perceives creativity and how it is greatly encouraged in Islam. This research also provides guidance on how to be innovative from an Islamic perspective.”

“I hope to motivate readers to make full use of creative thinking to benefit the ummah, while taking past Muslim scholars as their role models.”

IIUMToday and Ulu Al Absar Project extend their heartiest congratulations to all winners and hope that creative thinking would be a field for students to pursue in the future.***

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