COVID-19 ongoing conspiracy theories around the world

By Arwa Khan

Coronavirus pandemic crisis has been intensified even more due to the multiple spread of numerous theories which act like a virus itself.

Mentioned below are a few conspiracy theories which are the record breaker during this lockdown:

  • Coronavirus broke out of a Chinese Lab

This theory may have some credibility as it is true that the outbreak of COVID-19 was from the Chinese city of Wuhan where a virology institute was conducting researches on bat coronavirus. 

As per the sources, researcher Shi Zhengli, also known as the “Bat Woman” who was working on the COVID-19 project was reported as saying that “new virus does not match the genetic sequence of samples she had previously worked on”. She said on WeChat, “We have not done anything wrong and we continue to have strong faith in science.”

Be that as it may, the sheer incident of China’s lead laboratory examining bat coronaviruses being in a similar city as the inception of the COVID episode has manifested some provocative thoughts for conspiracists to combat with.

  • COVID-19 was the outcome for a biological weapon

Not only did it break out of the laboratory, a more thrilling theory comes to light about how COVID-19 was created by the Chinese scientists as a biological weapon.

 A small number of Americans believe that coronavirus was formulated intentionally or accidently in the Chinese lab.

 This theory could be discredited on the basis that the virus has been originated from a bat and has complete natural origins rather than having it manifested for any wicked ideas. Moreover, they wouldn’t want to endanger the lives of their countrymates under a hazardous situation of biological weaponry. 

An article in The Washington Post reads, “Even if the science gave some hint of man-made origin, none of the practicalities make sense. This is a natural event. Not a man-made plague.” Read more at

  • US military is responsible for bringing the virus into China

Chinese government made sure to backfire all the criticism by blaming the US military for importing coronavirus into their country. “It’s possible that the US military brought the virus to Wuhan,” tweeted Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. 

The rumoured claim was that the virus was brought in during the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan. Internationally, this theory is considered to be a propaganda in order to blame the US. 

  • 5G and COVID-19 myth

This theory has proven to be entirely rubbish and can be easily debunked as it is unfeasible for a virus to be transmitted through electromagnetic waves. Coronavirus is a biological molecule while the latter are waves. The reason this theory was furnished is because only just the pandemic took place 5G was launched. 

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) brings up, that infections can’t go on mobile networks, and that COVID-19 is fanning out in numerous nations that don’t have 5G networks. All things considered, this fear inspired notion has prompted cell phone towers being set ablaze in the UK and other places.***

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