‘Lailatulqadar’, a glorious night than a thousand months

By Aqilah Alya

Ramadan is a special month in the Islamic calendar as Muslims fast to fulfil the ibadah. Fasting is also one of the Pillars of Islam that make it an obligation for Muslims to fast.

There is a special night to the Muslims when Ramadan comes by. They always say that Lailatulqadar is a glorious night than a thousand months. As stated in Surah Al-Qadr verse 1-3, Allah said, “Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree (1). And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree? (2). The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months (3).”

According to the Mufti of the Federal Territory, Datuk Dr. Zulkifli bin Mohamad Al-Bakri, Lailatulqadr stands from two words. The word ‘Lailah’ means when the sun goes down and the moon and stars come up or in short, the opposite of daylight. Meanwhile, the word ‘Qadr’ means the glorious night or law and decree.

Some scholars have their own opinion when ‘Qadr’ is said as night. Some scholars think it is because of the glory and other scholars have their own opinion as well. Ibn Qudamah thinks that the night of Qadr is an exalted, blessed, grand night and have many advantages.

Sayid Qutub said: “There are several ayahs in the Quran that tell about the night happened with shining light, the light of peaceful, beautiful and good which is the light of Allah in His Quran.” Meanwhile, Syeikh Al-Maraghi said that the night is the beginning of a new religion that will prevail to a man that is the best among another human.   

This night is the foundation of Islam which becomes the closure for the previous prophet’s religion. For all this time, they live in the darkness of shirk and practising idolatry. They are lost in not having any sign and do not live in the right way of life.  

Do you ever wonder why the word ‘thousands’ is really important in this context? This is because of ‘thousands’ is a big amount according to the familiarity of the Arabs. Hence, the word ‘thousands’ here do not refer to the exact amount of ‘thousands’. As Allah once said, “Anyone of them likes to have a thousand years to live.”

The night of Lailatulqadr becomes the beginning of the descent of light and sign to all human beings after the Arab Quraisy worshipped the idols for such a long time. After that, Prophet Muhammad SAW told the good and the bad news and also led the people to the right path. He also guided the people who finally escaped themselves from the chain of slavery from the bad leader. 

He also tried his best to unite the schism that happened and to unify those who live in their groups and factions. The Muslims should celebrate the night of Lailatulqadr as this night is the moment when the legislation from heaven comes down and guides the Muslims to a better path. On this night, the Muslims can renew their promises to Allah and also as a statement of being grateful for all the nikmah that He gives and hoping for His reward.

One of the goodness of this special night is that it is better than a thousand months. Many scholars and the interpreters of the Quran give their opinion that the deeds that we do on Qadar night are better than any thousands of months that do not have Qadar night. This opinion has been supported by Abu Al-Aliyah. 

Next, the Angels and Jibril will come down on that night. Imam Qurtubi said, “They come down from each sky and also Sidratul Muntaha to the sky of the Earth to guarantee the du’a of people who beg on that night until dawn.”

Then, the descent of the Angels and Jibril brings His mercy and order. After that, the Muslims will get all the security and goodness without any bad things happened until dawn. “Allah does not destine on that night except for the security,” said Al-Dahhaq. Meanwhile, Mujahid opines that the night is safe because the satan will not be doing anything bad on that night. 

A story from the Prophet SAW’s wife, Saiditina Aisyah RA, said that when the last ten days of the holy month (Ramadhan) come, Rasulullah SAW will light up the night with waking up the whole people in the house and get far away from his wives.

Also, Imam Ahmad and Muslim said that Rasulullah SAW work hard on the last ten days of Ramadan compared to his efforts on other nights. We acknowledge that Lailatulqadar will happen during the last ten days and from the ten of it, the night will happen in odd nights in Ramadan. Many scholars argued about the exact time that LailatulQadr will take place.

The first and the strongest opinion (based on the scholars) is that Lailatulqadr will happen on 27 Ramadan. One of their arguments is from Abu Ka’ab. He said that for Allah’s sake, Ibn Mas’ud has convinced that the Lailatulqadar will happen in Ramadan and Lailatulqadar will fall on the 27th night. But, he refused to tell us (the exact night) because they worried that we will not try to find the night anymore. Another argument from Muawiyah who said that “Prophet SAW has said that Lailatulqadar happened on the night of 27.”

Imam Ahmad tells a hadith from Ibnu Umar R. Anhuma which says, “Whoever find the Lailatulqadar, they have to find it on the 27th night”. Secondly, Lailatulqadar happened on 23 Ramadan. This is the opinion of Imam Syafie, Malik, Ibn Huzaimah, Abu Awanah and Al-Tahawi. Based on a hadith from Abdullah Bin Unais, the Prophet said, “Find the Lailatulqadar on the night of 23 Ramadan.”

Thirdly, on the night of 21st Ramadan. This is an opinion chosen by Imam Shafie. He uses the writing of Abu Daud and Al-Baihaqi from Ibn Mas’ud which the Prophet SAW said, “Claim on the night of 17th, 21st and 23rd Ramadan”.

The fourth opinion is on the night of 24th Ramadan. It is based from a hadith by Ibn Abbas which Rasulullah SAW said, “Find the night of Lailatulqadar on the night of 24th Ramadan”.  Last but not least, on the last night of Ramadan. This is because of a hadith from Muawiyah RA which Prophet SAW said, “Find the night of Qadar on the last night of Ramadan”.

The secrets of Lailatulqadar have to be a mystery as if the Muslims know about the exact time of the du’a being granted on Lailatulqadar, then the efforts in doing ibadah in Ramadan will go since they knew about the secrets of Lailatulqadar.

Little did you know, some people can sense the sign of Lailatulqadar (with Allah’s permission) every year in Ramadan. Some scholars have said about this in their books and a lot of hadith, news from the pious people and also their history that discuss these signs. Ubay Bin Kaab RA tells from Prophet Muhammad SAW that he said, “The Sun that rises on that day will not have light and is not hot.” Another history from the speech of Ibn Mas’ud that tells about the Sun rises between the horn of the satan every day except for the morning of Qadar night.

What if someone knows the night of Lailatulqadar and lengthen the night? Should they tell everyone about the presence of Lailatulqadar or just remain silent? In this case, the scholars have decided that it is sunat for anyone who sees the night of Qadar and remains silent. (Fath al-Bari 4/268 and al-Majmu 6/461.)

One of the advantages of hiding the night of Lailatulqadar is because it is worried that the pleasure will be thrown out and riyak will appear among the Tariq (the people who see Lailatulqadar). On the courtesy side, they cannot be busy telling other people about Allah’s nikmah which is the meeting of Lailatulqadar to other humans as it is worried that if there will be jealousy happening (Ibn Hajar, Kitab Al-Hawi).

Do you know how Rasulullah SAW and the salaf as-soleh do their ibadah especially in this holy month? Saiditina Aisyah RA said that Rasulullah SAW will light up the night with ibadah, wake up his family members and tighten his sheath fabric to keep away from having sexual intimacy with his wives when entering the last ten nights in Ramadan. (Riwayat Muslim: 2015)

Also from Saiditina Aisyah RA, “Rasulullah SAW works hard in doing ibadah on the last ten nights (Ramadan) exceeding his efforts on other months (Riwayat Ahmad).” Imam Sufyan al-Thauri Rahimahullah also said, “When entering the last ten nights in Ramadan, I prefer to do tahajjud during the night and do it. Sufyan al-Thauri Rahimahullah will also wake up his family members to perform solah if only they are capable of doing (Lathaif al-Maarif case 160).”

Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali Rahimahullah stated that some of the ulama in mazhab Syafie wrote the history from Ibn ‘Abbas R. Anhuma which says, “Lighting up the night of Lailatulqadar will happen if someone set up an ‘Isha’ congregational prayer and determined to perform the dawn prayer in congregation too. Imam Malik recorded in al-Muwatta’ that Imam Ibn al-Musayyib said: “Anyone who meets Lailatulqadar (means the one who set up the congregational prayers on that night), will get the benefits of that night.” Also, Imam asy-Syafie said in his old opinion: “Anyone who set up Isha’ and Subuh prayers on the night of Lailatulqadar will get the advantages” (Lathaif al-Maarif case 159).”            

Ramadan is a holy month which is also known as a fiesta of ibadah month. As Muslims, we should take the opportunity to make a lot of ibadah in this month such as setting up congregational prayers every day, fasting, reading and understanding the whole Quran, do sadaqah, pay zakat and much more. Hopefully, we can be consistent in doing our ibadah. Inshaa Allah all of us can meet the night of Lailatulqadar, the only glorious night among thousands month.***

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