#EducateYourself with PSYCSTA

By Ma Li Ke

GOMBAK, 30 April 2020: Since the IIUM calendar has been adjusted to fit the government’s movement control order (MCO), students now have ten weeks’ worth of semester break.

Hence, from 6/4/2020 – 18/5/2020, the Bureau of Education of Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA) is collaborating with the Bureau of Public Media and Relations of PSYCSTA to release a series of knowledge regarding psychology on their website under hashtag #EducateYourself.

The reasons why #EducateYourself was started is to provide psychology students with ‘ilm while staying at home or mahallah. Not only that, the Bureau of Education also hopes to provide edutainment (education and entertainment) for students majoring in psychology during this MCO.

Lastly, it is to make sure psychology students are still actively participating in knowledge-gathering regarding their major through social media.
#EducateYourself will be on PSYCSTA’s official Instagram and Twitter account.

#EducateYourself will be posting quizzes on Instagram relating to psychology or general knowledge every Monday, and students may try to answer them and tag their friends to answer the quizzes with them.

Every fortnightly, a thread on various topics regarding psychology, will be tweeted on Twitter by PSYCSTA. Everything posted will be verified with accuracy, critical thinking and references will be provided for those who are interested.

You can follow the official PSYCSTA social media by searching for their handle:
Instagram: @psycstaiium
Twitter: @psycstaiium

PSYCSTA also has other programmes during this MCO such as Get Together Session, #StayFit, Psych Thinkers, and Jumu’ah Mubarak Reminders on Instagram. They also relay messages from the Department of Psychology from time to time via Instagram and Twitter. ***

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