Five must-have free Apps for university students

By Shawal Ras

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular with each passing second. For most people like the professionals and practitioners, they are real assets as they have become important parts in their daily life. Tech savvy students in our university are no exception. Armed with their tablets, smartphones and laptops for success, students nowadays have no excuse for walking into the classroom unprepared.

Forget the paper, with a variety of apps available in digital stores (iTunes, Google Play, etcetera), you’ll have the right tools to help you study wherever you are (and ceremoniously go green and help save the Earth).

Here are five must-have free apps for any university student:

StudyBlue Flashcards

Flashcards are one tool to help with memorisation of key terms, especially during finals. You can create, receive feedbacks, and set reminders so you can maintain a study session before jumping into the examination hall.

Available in iTunes and Google Play

School Helper

Managing our tight schedule from classes to projects, programmes and tests, among others, can be difficult. School Helper is an app that focuses on helping you manage your time by tracking important things on the home screen. Plus, you can track your performance throughout the semester too!

Available in Google Play


Need help to ace language class? Duolingo is here to help you. This app teaches you and tests you so you can pass that class. Sad news is, Arabic is not available in the app yet, but you can still learn English, German, Italian, Spanish, or, French, like moi!

Available in iTunes and Google Play


Your laptop crashed suddenly? Don’t worry, you can still access your files via this app. There’s no need to bring an extra thumb drive anymore because you can drop your files into this app and it’ll save it for you to access at any time and anywhere.

Available in iTunes and Google Play

My Fitness Pal

As students, we tend to eat more than any other people in this world. To keep you in check of your health and calorie intake, this app will help you do just that. Thanks to this, there will be no more anxiousness of whether you should or should not eat that delicious plate of nasi lemak.

Available in iTunes and Google Play

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