Creating stronger bonds among members of IIUMToday

By Haidah Halid 

AMPANG, 29 February 2020: A total of 16 student journalists from IIUMToday woke up early on Friday (28 February) to ascend the quiet hills of Kemensah Valley for their bi-annual team bonding activity with the objective to foster good relations between existing journalists of the news portal and the new ones.

The existing members of IIUMToday were thrilled to carry out this semester’s bonding session with five out of fourteen new junior journalists who were able to attend the activity.

The bonding session which started at eight in the morning and ended at noon started off with an energetic aerobics exercise led by senior journalist, Aiman Najihah. 

Senior journalist, Aiman leading the morning aerobics session
IIUMToday journalists gearing up for a day full of fun

The day continued with three game-bonding modules conducted in the river by junior journalists, Hakim and Aneesah, with their loud and boisterous laughs, the sounds of splashing water and the shrieks of joy from the students. 

Junior journalist reporter Hakim conducting games in the water.

The games that were conducted allowed the new junior journalists to learn and recognise the names of the seniors as well as to identify the key people who are able to help and assist them in their journey in IIUMToday. 

Conducting the games in the water was also beneficial as the team had discovered who among members of the group were not favourable of the water. 

After the games, the journalists took time to relax and enjoyed the cool water on the blazing hot day.

Journalists cooling off on the hot day.

Besides that, the session also elicited the survival skills of the journalists when they were required to barbeque chicken and sausages for their breakfast of the day. This particular activity also evoked the spirit of teamwork from the team as they had to cook close to 40 chicken parts on a very small barbeque grill. 

Senior journalist reporter Ariani and junior journalist Haidah cooking on a small grill.
Great bonding between senior journalist Ariani and junior journalist Haidah
in a grill session

At the end of the session, everyone was involved in team work to help clean and do the packing up. Although they felt rather tired but from the smiles in their faces, they were happy indeed with the event as they managed to foster good bonding and strengthened relationship.***

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