Short semester begins

By Zulhamka Rosli

GOMBAK: After two weeks of break, students are now back in campus for the new semester. It’s a short semester of six weeks.

Those past two weeks seem to be moving fast, but enough for the students to recharge their energy before heading back to the campus. Some are really excited to be back in campus.

“It’s been a great feeling to be back to our beloved IIUM campus”, said Jauwad, a second year political science student.

This semester will be a bit adventurous from the previous semester because the students will be fasting during the month of Ramadhan which starts on the second week of the semester.

Attending classes and fasting in the hot weather condition would  surely bring challenges to the students. Nevertheless, it should not really be an obstacle for them to work hard for this short semester.

Start a new semester with a noble intention and a new hope. Set your goal to be a splendid student and an excellent servant of Allah S.W.T. Besides setting up a good intention, have faith in what you are doing because faith can boost your confidence. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

In keeping with the challenges, students should keep their spirit high until the end of the semester. Never let any hindrance to weaken your spirit. Remember that Allah S.W.T. will always help those who work hard.

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