‘Sembang Kencang’ is back!

By Nureisya Raihana

GOMBAK, 4 December 2019: ‘Sembang kencang’ is back. This time it will focus on the topic “Autonomi Mahasiswa: Ke mana hala tujunya?” featuring special panelists, Hazman Baharom, Dr. Khairil and Ainina Sofia.

Richiamo Café is sponsoring this event and it will be held on Thursday (5 December), from 8 p.m until 10.30 p.m at the Café. 

Organised by Harmony IIUM Club, the event will be moderated by Huzayl, a Political Science student.  

“‘Sembang Kencang 9.0’ is going to be a fruitful discussion on students’ autonomy and the philosophy behind it,” said Izzah bt Muhd Fadil, the co-chairperson of Harmony IIUM Club.

She explained, “The concept of ‘Sembang Kencang’ should you join the discussion, you will find that it will never arrive at an absolute conclusion. We designed ‘Sembang Kencang’ as a space where people get a chance to throw as much opinion as possible without deducing a single concrete conclusion.”

She added, “We hope that ‘Sembang Kencang’ will be the benchmark for IIUM community to expand the culture of knowledge, to learn to be open-minded and to respect other people’s opinions even though their views might differ from us.”

Previously, the club covered topics on politics, economy, as well as the arts by inviting popular writer A. Samad Said.

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