‘Help Team’ to assist with students’ needs

By Reem Ahmed 

GOMBAK, 4 December 2019: A new help team for this semester has been recruited by the International Students Affairs Office recently to help out with students on their needs and queries. 

The ‘Help Team’ is a team of students working voluntarily at the International Students Affairs Office on matters related to the office as well as helping and serving students’ needs and queries, according to one of the Help team developers, Nirmal Shah.

One of the co-founders of Buddies Club and Vice President, Sadia Shafqat, said the ‘Help Team’ is one of the core missions of Buddies Club which operates under the International Student Affairs Office aimed at creating better integration between international and local students.  

“We have our arms open to anyone who needs us at any time regardless of any nationality or any education background and so on,” Sadia Shafqat explained.

Sadia pointed out that in the ‘Help Team’ currently are eight members from different countries including Malaysian students too who work at the office according to their free time. 

She stated that the team is provided with jackets (as a mobile ‘Help Team’) so that students can recognise them at any time not only in the office, and ask for help.

She also mentioned that students with social and job experiences will receive certificates after their work period for one semester is completed.

“Yes we do not have all answers, but even in that case, we are at least there to connect with students with people who can help them,” Sadia furtherv said .***

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