Quranic Week successfully raised RM10K

By Nuraina Nasrudin

GOMBAK, 29 November 2019: The Quranic Week 4.0 (QuWe) that ended last Sunday (24 November) has successfully raised R10K, the target set for the event, programme manager, Amir Shukran bin Apizi, said following the closing ceremony of the programmes.

He said the funds raised will be channeled to the Quranic Project Bureau where this bureau will expand the nature of teaching and facilitating the teaching of Qur’an.”

The funds under the Quranic Bureau Project will in turn benefit PPR Kampung Air Panas, Setapak, Rohingya Education Centre, Fateh Hakim Academy and Batu 12, according to Amir Shukran. 

The objective of this programme was not only focusing on collecting funds but also promoting the culture of reading the Qur’an among IIUM community.

Also, Jam’iyyatu Khadamatil Qur’an (JKQ) club has been promoting the love towards Qur’an through a variety of approaches in this QuWe and Muslims are encouraged to increase their knowledge of the Qur’an itself.

“Through programmes like Quranic Week, I can see the objective of JKQ club has been realised,” said Mohd Hakimi, the Administrative Officer of IIUM’s CENSERVE during his speech at the closing ceremony organised by JKQ club. 

This QuWe 4.0 was held from 18 until 24 November with more than 200 committee members involved. The closing ceremony was launched by the University Administrative Officer of CENSERVE, Mohd Hakimi.

In conjunction with celebration their closing ceremony, nasyeed groups such as UNIC, InTeam and Zayne were also invited to enliven the occasion.

Not to forget, Quranic Week 4.0 ended with a performance from the committees themselves too.***

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