I-Congrats Theatre, a refreshing entertainment

By Mohamad Alif Imran

GOMBAK, 28 November 2019: IIUM Convocation Grand Festival 2019 (I-Congrats 2019) has successfully lived up the hype of convocation week with the staging of “100 hari” theatre Wednesday night (27 November) at Main Auditorium, IIUM Gombak campus.

The romantic comedy theatre, which was a collaboration between IIUM Theatre Club, I-Congrats Festival and Notorious, managed to attract a lot of crowds despite being held in almost the final week of the semester.

In an interview with IIUMToday, the director, Esman Benar, said that the storyline was created in the conjunction of the graduation week where it revolved around the story of a man after he graduated with his bachelor’s degree.

“We play up the concept of love as the plot of the story. It’s about how a man who initially does not have a vision in life even after graduating, strives to be better for the love of his life,” Esman said, adding that the realism concept is portrayed so the audience could relate the story with their actual life.

He added, “We also include dancing and singing into part of the story so the audience, students particularly, can clear their mind from all the assignments and quizzes in this final weeks of the semester.”

Meanwhile, Na’im Aiman, the choreographer of the “100 hari” theatre said that three choreographies were presented and highlighted to add more colour to the story.***

The festival which started on 21st November will be meeting its end on Thursday, 28th November. On the last day of the festival, it will be celebrated by the Humanity Night Concert which will be attended by a lot of popular figures such as PU Azhar Hilmi, UNIC, Ruffedge and many more at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC), 7.30 p.m.***

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