The lessons of “HAYATIE”

By Fatin Ramli

GOMBAK, 21 November 2019: The first staging of a play ‘HAYATIE”, based on popular Indonesian writer HAMKA’s work of literature, has taken place at Main Auditorium Tuesday night (19 November).

Started at 8:30 pm, the theatre showtime lasted for an hour and a half. The staging received overwhelming support from the audience.

The audience began to fill the Main Auditorium as early as 8 pm and an estimated around 500 spectators has joined the theatre.

The theatre tells the story of the forbidden love between Zainudin and Hayatie due to the strong adherence of their tribal traditions to the custom.

Moreover, this performance also presented Islamic elements that we must practice as a human being as it in line with the objectives of this theatre that is preached through staging.

“There are many lessons that were highlighted in this staging but the most impactful for me as a human being is that we should not be cruel and make accusations towards others because when they die it hard for us to apologise,” said one of the audience, Aileen Aleesya.

‘HAYATIE’ has successfully left the impression and emotion on the audience with the members of the audience shedding tears during the staging.

Amira Hasya, one of the casts, said that the stage play has reached its expectation as it can be seen that the audience were happy with the story that we brought and they also get the idea of our content.

She further said, “What we are trying to convey is the actual reality in which tradition and wealth of a person are respected. So this performance is intended to change these ‘norms’ perceptions.” ***

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