“Program Simple Solat” promotes Maqasid Syariah values

By Nurul Ainul Mardhiah

GOMBAK, 18 November 2019: A programme called “Program Simple Solat” was conducted at Dewan Solat Utama, Masjid As-Sobirin involving 150 participants from different age and background aimed at promoting Maqasid Syariah values in terms of religion and intellectualism to the villagers.

It was an ethic and contemporary issues assessment project carried out by a group of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences students on Saturday (16 November) in collaboration with Masjid As-Sobirin in Lembah Keramat.

The project was launched by the Nazir of the Mosque, Haji Mohamad Zaid Johan.

“I was extremely happy that IIUM students have shown willingness to do a programme at our Mosque,” said Mohamad Zaid.

He said that “Program Simple Solat” was also different from other common programmes which usually prioritised academic than Islamic education.

Various activities were conducted such as the practical aspect of the tayammum guided by the invited speaker, Ustaz Fathul Radhi Nasaruddin or known as the Imam in Sultan Muhammad Shah Mosque.

The programme also managed to get sponsorship from Lembaga Zakat Selangor and Masjid As-Sobirin to provide food, desserts and beverages to all participants, committee members and staff.

“This is the first time in my life to perform the tayammum and it was a great moment for me,” one of the participants said.

The programme had achieved its objective whereby the participants had learnt something new through the programme that was conducted, according to the organiser.

The event ended with a lunch session with all the participants. ***

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