Theatre “Makhluk” spooks audience to attention

By Husnina Ahmad 

GOMBAK, 17 November 2019: Theatre ‘Makhluk’ held for three days recently was able to capture the attention of IIUM students and visitors to IIUM Literary, Theatre and Short Film Festival 2019 (Litsfestival). 

‘Makhluk’, staged from 13 until 15 November at Main Auditorium of Kulliyyah of Engineering, was directed by Dini Syazwani Binti Mazuki in collaboration with ALSN production and KAM’Be pictures from Aswara with help from 70 crews.

It succeeded in displaying a ‘horror’ theme that has never been done before. 

Gaining almost 250 audience for each night, Dini expressed the hope to direct another theatre that is able to entertain, at the same time deliver awareness about issues that are currently happening in society.

The theatre presented three different scenes to depict social criticism that are currently happening in our society. Horror elements were added to attract viewers because these elements are well known and common in Malaysian society. 

With the end of theatre ‘Makhluk’, it marked the end of Litsfestival which started last week. This theatre had received good feedbacks from the audience for its great performance, according to the response. ***

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  1. I believe there is another director not mentioned above and how about the acknowledgement to the script writers.. It would be nice if you could acknowledge the original writers for their absolutely amazing work.. just my two cents.. ✌🏻

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