Still good prospects in journalism

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 9 November 2019: Despite current phenomenon and crippling challenges faced by the media industry worldwide, particularly the print media due to increased digitalisation, the prospects for communication graduates entering the market would not be affected as there are other options and platforms they could venture into, according to the Editor of IIUMToday, Mr. Aznan Mat Piah.

He stressed that the fact remains for graduates to continue to explore knowledge and acquire expertise and skills in journalism but with a new dimension to embrace the technology in the digital age.

“Despite these crippling challenges, we need to understand that the basic principles of journalism is still the same, fundamental to be learned, acquired and practiced, without neglecting technology,” he said.

Participants of news training organised by IIUMToday

Aznan, who is also a lecturer in the Department of Communication, was addressing a group of 35 participants in a journalism training session held on Friday (8 November) at the Library seminar room in IIUM campus here, organised by IIUMToday.

Hence, he added, with the expected increase in journalism and communication graduates in the market, this would naturally force the media industry to be more selective to pick “the best among the best”.

Parallel with the current issues and market demands, Aznan shared tips on basic skills and principles of news reporting, news writing, and feature writing with the participants that touched on developing curiosity and an investigative mind in journalism, as well as building a passion towards the field.

“What are the requirements to be an effective journalist? I think it is not just about knowing how to write, but most importantly is to master the art of reporting that entails certain techniques and strategies to do an effective job,” said Aznan.

The session was organised with the aim to provide the students with the essential elements to improve their skills in news reporting and writing, apart from keeping them updated with current industry expectations.

“It is not easy to get a job today unless you have something extra or spectacular in your qualification to attract the attention of the employer,” he emphasised.

He ended the session by advising participants to develop good communication and writing skills while studying in the university as the industry would prefer graduates who are articulate, active and possess such skills relevant to the industry.

“You may not go directly into the media or communication industry but your knowledge and skills in effective communication would be an asset, in good demand and preferred by the the industry,” Aznan said. ***

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  1. Absolutely true. Mr Aznan had rightfully pointed out the importance of channeling ones writing through the proper channels to reach the targeted audience up-to-date with present technology.

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