International conference on youth empowerment and character building

By Rorny Hanafy

Fraser’s Hill26 October 2019: A total of 92 participants from different professions and educational backgrounds from 22 countries, together with 14 guest speakers, gathered here for an international conference from 21 to 25 October, in an effort to encourage Muslim youths to share experience, build networking and acquire leadership skills to become effective Muslim leaders in the present time.

The conference, themed “International Conference on Muslim Youth Empowerment and Character Building in the 21st century” was conducted to provide a platform for Muslim youths globally to learn from each other’s experience, to identify challenges faced by Muslim community, and to create a new generation of young leaders, by emulating the leadership style of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions.

Presided by Dr. Ahmad Totonj, the founding board member of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), the conference was also attended by IIUM’s Deputy Rector, Prof. Dr. Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf,

In his opening remarks, Dr. Totonji called on Muslim youths to put their trust in Allah and work together for the ummah.

He said, “In order to change the world, especially the Muslim community, Muslim leaders must work together according to Islamic principles and put the trust in Allah who had created this world.” He further stated that “there is nothing impossible to be changed with the creator’s will.”

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Nor Faridah, who headed the conference committee, emphasised that the main objective of the conference was to build leadership characteristics and instil hardworking culture in young Muslim leaders.

She stressed, “Muslim youths should have a high responsibility in their works, and this is the key to achieving success in life.”

Apart from the exposure to leadership training skills, the participants were given the opportunity to present their proposed projects on leadership programmes in their own country in the future.

Other side activities of the conference included a 5-kilometre jogging programme which was intended to make participants feel strong and healthy. ***

Jogging time selfie
Participants enjoying their jogging time

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