Saodah Wok bowling tournament a useful platform to strengthen bonds

By Maisarah Mijar

GOMBAK, 19 October 2019 – For the forth year in a row, the Saodah Wok Cup (4.0) bowling tournament this year was held on Friday (18 October) at Pacific Bowl in Sentul to strengthen the bonding between students and lecturers in Communication Department.

The event attracted some 40 students together with lecturers, including Prof. Saodah Wok herself, and the advisor of Communication Student Association (COSA), Ms. Shakira Nasir.

Despite the reduction in the number of participants this year, the event did not lose its vigour as all who participated in the event enjoyed themselves and had the opportunity to interact with one another through the game.

Prof. Saodah Wok expressed the hope that next year’s tournament would attract more participation from both students and lecturers. She delivered a specific message to the students on the importance of having a balance between studies and good health, and game like bowling, she said, would help to achieve a healthy living.

Meanwhile, COSA’s advisor, Ms Shakira Nasir said that she hoped to see lecturers competing with students in future tournament.

Saodah Wok Cup bowling is one of the highlights of annual events organised by COSA. This year’s champion went to the representatives of IIUMTV.

The event’s assistant programme manager, Imran Sanusi, told IIUMToday, “It’s really heartwarming to see lecturers and students mingling together outside the classroom and jointly putting their energy not only to win the game, but also to socialise. This helps to tighten the bond of relationship, which is a good thing.”

Participants also expressed their satisfaction and enjoyed themselves talking to one another in the spirit of friendship and togetherness.

Imran dropped a hint that COSA might consider having more variety of sports instead of focusing on just bowling. ***

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