Kitafund to help people with medical and humanitarian assistance

By Fahri Mirza

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 July 2019: Kitafund, a crowdfunding platform for medical emergencies and humanitarian needs, has successfully raised over RM450,000 with a total of 63 campaigns launched and over 9,500 donors responded in the first few months of its operation.

Kitafund was founded and managed by the same founder of The website was launched on 10 May 2019, during the month of Ramadan.

The inspiration behind founding this platform was to provide a centralised-platform where people can raise funds easily for their medical and humanitarian needs, and for people who can donate (donors) online to beneficiaries.

So often we see many people raising funds by taking it to their social media and stating their personal account number in every post. However, this raises another problem wherein donors do not know how much money has been raised, and they also do not have adequate information about beneficiaries.

The transparency issue hinders donors to contribute their money to the patients as many fear that their money might fall into the hands of irresponsible individuals (scammers).

To avoid this, Kitafund will evaluate and verify all of the documents provided based on what treatment the patients need and how much money is needed to ensure that all campaigns are safe and secure.

Kitafund also ensures that all of the money funded will be given to the hospital and beneficiary respectively.

Moreover, for transparency purpose, donors are able to track how much money is needed in total, how much has been raised for any ongoing campaign, and how much left is needed to achieve 100% target.

Tengku Ahmad Syamil, the CEO and founder of Kitafund stated, “We hope our platform will be known for a wider section of people in Malaysia so that we can gather more generous people in the platform and more patients will get help. Kitafund will always maintain its transparency, trust and security.”

Starting a campaign

To start a campaign, a campaigner must create an account and fill the form provided on the website. The campaign will be launched after the Kitafund team has done the verification. By default, one’s campaign will be live on the website for the next 30 days.

Donating on should always be simple and easy. Visit your desired campaign on the website and select “Donate Now”. Next, state any desired amount in RM to donate. Referral links are also available for donors to spread the words about the campaigns on the website.

For more information, visit Remember, every Ringgit counts. Give your support today by donating and spreading.

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