Anxiety over final exam results

By Ariani Mohd Nor

The days leading up to results day can be nerve-wrecking for some people. No matter how good you think you did when sitting for your exams, the jitters are somehow unavoidable. Questions like, “Did I revise enough?” or “Were my answers accurate enough?” start to play in your head, and then suddenly the confidence you thought you had for the exams starts to crumble.

However, it is natural to feel that way – especially when your CGPA is on the line for a scholarship or your overall graduation CGPA. In terms of examination results, obviously you cannot change what have already been done – thus, here are a few tips to calm the heebie-jeebies from the dreaded day!

  • Calm your mind

There are many ways one can calm their minds – explore the things you can do to get your mind off the dreaded date! Try relaxation exercises, going out with your friends, being immersed with other works, etc. Some even resort to binge watching movies during their free time! Dwelling over things that can give you massive stress will not only be detrimental to your mental health but also physical health, too. Make sure you live in the moment rather than worry about the unwarranted future.

  • Know that failing an exam does not mean failure in life

I know that failing an exam will make you feel like one, but at the back of your mind you need to realise that failing an exam is just another part of life and it does not represent who you are as a person. Failing an exam can also help you in realising what you actually want for yourself and your future – is this course good for you? Failing one paper will never mean that you are not fit for that course, obviously. But for those who are still questioning their life pathways, this can be a good exercise for you.

All in all, repeat the subject or the paper if you have to! Do not let it sink down your spirits.

  • Believe in the effort you put in

In Islam, Tawakkal means to give maximum effort into something, and let God do the rest. Moreover, as Muslims we also believe that God will reward His servants based on the effort that they put in – similar to the quote, “Effort never betrays.” When you know that you did well, then Insya-Allah, your grades will be equivalent to the effort that you have put in when preparing for your exam.

Based on this belief, God teaches you to try again based on the mistakes and experiences you’ve gained through the journey. If you knew that you did not put enough effort while studying, expect that your results will not be as good as if you put more effort into it – thus, take this as a challenge and work harder to achieve your goals the next time.

I hope that these tips will help you feel better about the upcoming results day! We wish you all the best and we hope you receive the results that you deserve! ***

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