Fall of society due to conflicts in family institution

By Nurul Safwa Saluddin

GOMBAK, 28 April 2019 – Islam Leading Model (ILM) 2.0 again managed to bring in a few experts in our country to discuss a popular topic which received the least concern by the society.

“The fall of the society is due to conflicts that occurred in a family institution,” Ustazah Isfadiah Dasuki said.

“Thus, to ensure that we have a good community, it should start by having a good family institution,” she insisted.

According to the Deputy Mufti of Selangor, Sahibus Samahah Dr. Anhar bin Opir, even though the an-nikah is one of the favourite topics among society, the most practised one is the at-talaq.

This great intellectual discussion was held at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) on Monday evening (22 April), which was not only attended by the IIUM community, but also open to the public.

It can be seen that students from other universities like Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) also showed their interest to join this intellectual discourse.

Apart from that, Ma’ruf Club, the organiser of this programme, also invited a special finalist of Pandakwah Muslimah, Nora, for special performance at the event.

The evening session ended at 5.30 p.m and continued with the next session at night with special guest of ILM 2.0, the Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Dr. Ahmad Samsuri bin Mokhtar Said.***

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