IMC is more than a campaign

By Farazuha Aripin and Anis Syahira Azli

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a concept that combines all forms of marketing communication tools. It is able to merge all forms of communication such as advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing and social media, into one concept.

The uses of IMC can be seen in various campaigns by big brands around the world.

The concept of IMC evolves with the times. The technology used could affect the concept and functions of IMC. For example, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, people are using more technologies to spread and develop a particular campaign. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IOT) are being used more these past few years. The Internet fever does not only affect youngsters but brands as well!

Domino’s AnyWare Campaign

Domino’s has invested a lot in improving their delivery system. There are many marketing strategies being used to uplift their brand’s recognition. In 2015 for instance, Domino started to build their own retrofitted subcompact delivery car that functions as a portable oven. Through this innovation, Domino became a leading delivery restaurant and slowly climbed the list of the best pizza chain and officially got the title as one of the best pizza brands around the globe.

Upon transforming from the “poor guy’s pizza” place to the largest pizza chain, this has forced Domino to use new IMC strategies to enhance their campaign. Domino has used all forms of communication by increasing their technology usage. Building smart phone applications, communicating more on social media and inventing a new website are part of Domino’s efforts to effectively communicate with their customers.

Damage Control

Despite the success of Domino as the largest pizza chain, they are still facing a few problems such as public backlash and negative comments on the Internet. In order to resolve the issue, Domino has come up with the idea of making persuasive online advertisements to change people’s perception. Through this, Domino aimed to provide customers a streamlined way to order their meals. Other than that, customers can also place an order via Twitter, mobile app, smart TV, and the smart watch.

Currently, Domino managed to secure the position as one of the largest pizza companies in the world with 15,000 stores across 85 countries. There are two reasons why Domino was successful in the campaign. Firstly, the campaign is meaningful as it is designed to meet customers’ needs. Secondly, the campaign is relevant and up-to-date as it incorporates digital technology in their delivery system.

The Theory of Reasoned Action seems to work well in the Domino’s IMC campaign plan. Domino managed to reinvent their recipes after listening to critiques and comments from customers. This theory explains how attitudes and behaviour affect human action. In Domino’s case, they reacted to the comments positively by improving their brand. Hence, as a result they began to have their own loyal customers and have the best food delivery system.

The Relevance of the IMC Campaign

IMC campaigns have a better opportunity to reach a wider audience. This is because it is able to reach a different type of public with the combination of old and new methods of promotion. Through IMC, brand owners and organisations are able to effectively communicate with credibility.

However, to achieve recognition it comes with various responsibilities. There are divisions of ethics that one needs to abide by in communication from Islamic perspective. In this case, Domino has focused on relationship building.

They have strived to make things easier for their customers as advised for Muslims through Surah Al Hadid, Verse 19. Hence, the success of Domino’s IMC campaign can be seen through the satisfaction and support from their customers. ***

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