‘Night of Poesy’ that is a night for all

By Muhammad Isa Sairi

GOMBAK, 20 April 2019 – Musicians, poets and students from IIUM and other universities gathered to perform their works of arts together in a small event held on Thursday (18 April) night organised by the Secretariat of English Language and Literature (ELITS).

The event that took place in HS Seminar room from 8.30 p.m. until 12.00 mid-night, was attended by some 50 people, among whom were invited performers and volunteers from the audiences who performed their songs, poems and spoken words.

Besides the performances, students were there to sell their artworks and products at the registration counter and to promote their social media account for business purpose. This event had indirectly triggered students’ interest to do small scale business and to learn how to engage with potential customers.

One of the performers, Rifqi Zayanni, who was recently diagnosed with disorder, said that writing poems has helped him to express his thoughts, and by sharing it on this platform he could create awareness about mental health issues with the audiences.

ELITS has organised several literary events in the past such as the Tolkien Reading Day: Reading session and blackout poetry competition; a collection of students’ poems and short stories magazine called Clairvoyance; the Arty Charity; and the annual theatre event, ELITS Theatre Night (ETN), which has been changed into A Lit Summer Night’s production. ***

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