Quranic class for special needs children

By Syakir Nizam

GOMBAK, 21 March 2019 – The Disability Services Unit (DSU) IIUM is planning to establish a Quranic class for students and those parents who have special needs children in future.

According to Head of IIUM’s DSU, Prof. Dr. Ruzita Md Amin, this Quranic class for disability will be conducted especially for students or children who have vision, hearing and learning impairments.

“Because of their special needs, the methods of teaching is also different,” she added.

She also stated that future collaboration with the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) and Yayasan Faqeh will be held to ensure the teaching method for this Quranic class could be efficiently implemented.

“We are going to have further discussions with USIM and working with other divisions of the university. There are two ways to do it – one way is the formal approach, and the other, being the informal nature, so we will explore both approaches,” she told IIUMToday.

On Friday (15 March), a sharing session on “Methods to Teach Religious Studies to Special Needs Children and as Strategic Research Partner” was held at Auditorium IIUM, Dar Al-Hikmah Library. It was organised by IIUM Special Parents of IIUM’s DSU and IIUM Kurnia.

The speakers at the session were Madam Zaharatul Sophia Dato’ Mohamed Amir Abas, Secretary of Yayasan Faqeh, who spoke on the topic “Cultivating Quran In Their Hearts: Embracing Special Abilities”, and Ustaz Haji Norakyairee Mohd Raus, coordinator of Ibnu Maktum research unit, USIM, who touched on the subject “Research and Innovation For Special Needs: USIM’s Experience”. ***

(Picture credited to Yayasan Faqeh Facebook account)

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