Tree Planting 2.0 to educate students on preserving the environment

By Hadjer Khiati

GOMBAK, 26 November 2018 – A Tree Planting 2.0 programme was successfully held by planting different types of trees at Mahallah Aminah in an effort to educate the campus community on the importance of preserving the environment and in keeping the environment clean at all time.

The programme was arranged by IIUM ECO Club in collaboration with Daya Bersih and Mahallah Amina.

The opening of the programme started with a remark by Mr. Subki Ahmad, the Senior Assistant Director, Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD) IIUM, followed by a speech by Mr. Muneeb bin Yousuf, a representative from Urban Hijau. Muneeb who spoke on permaculture and techniques to save basic human needs like clean air, clean water, clean nutrition food, and shelter.

This was followed by Tree Planting 2.0 programme launched by Subki and Muneeb in the presence of Assistant Professor, Dr. Noor Azizah bt. Mohamadali, the Principal of Mahallah Aminah. Thirty participants were assigned to plant the trees in different prepared holes, at different locations in Mahallah Aminah.

The purpose of tree planting is to educate students to be responsible towards the environment and to keep the environment clean at all time. On the other hand, planting activity was designed to teach the students to be aware about the environment by planting and taking care of the trees later, which is the long lasting effect of this programme.

The Tree Planting 2.0 programme was sponsored by Free Tree Society, Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia, Jabatan Perhutanan Daerah Selangor and Co-op Bank Pertama. The trees that were planted were of fifteen different types – four avocado, three Guava, one Jack Fruit, one Mulberry, three Foxtail Palm, six Mangosteen, six Tampoi trees, six Sentul trees and 15 types of vegetables.

The aim of choosing these trees to be planted at Mahallah Aminah is to make it easier for students to get these fruits and to value them.

At the end of the programme, Hajara Bevee, the programme manager of Tree Planting 2.0, gave tokens of appreciation to the guests in appreciation of their support. ***



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