ITSFEST2018 starts with a celebration of short film makers

By Dzulfazreena Annessa Dzulkefli

GOMBAK, 21 November 2018: ELITS’s ITSFEST2018, the first of its kind in IIUM, officially opens its door with a celebration of young and talented film makers through the event “Short Film Screening”, which took place on Monday (19 November).

The screening, which started at 6.00p.m and took place at the Mini Auditorium here, featured six short films, all produced and directed by students from the Multimedia University (MMU). The titles include Weeping Birds, Imprints, Kembara, Melissa, Kantoi, and Balas.

After each film, a total of 10 minutes was accorded to each production team for a short question and answer session regarding their film. The questions vary from the technical aspects to the creative inspirations behind the film making process.

“I hope in future, cinematic arts will take a more meaningful place in Malaysia,” said Wan Nurnisa Atikah, the Festival’s director. She added, “Creative outputs should be seen as a platform too.”

Featuring events like exhibition and theatre, ITSFEST, short for “IIUM Theatre and Short Film Festival”, is an annual festival organised by the Secretariat of English Language and Literature.

The screening is only the beginning, according to the organiser.***


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