Mosque Carnival ’18 a success in enlightening Muslim hearts

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 11 October 2018: The one-week Mosque Carnival 2018 held recently from 28 September until 5 October had successfully attracted the Muslim hearts in enlivening the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAH) Mosque.

According to the president of i-Masjid, Mohammad Izzuddin Mohd Rafi, this carnival, organised by the Mosque’s Imaratul group, was aimed at returning the mosque to its golden age as a great institution and at bringing the heart of the community together, especially for the purification of the soul.

“Imarah the mosque is the glorious job in life. After we are tired of all the worldly things, our souls need refreshment to purify ourselves from the sins,” Izzudin remarked on his invitation note.

With the theme ‘The Centre of Tranquility’, the carnival had been well organised by the committee to achieve the target for every programme planned such as the “Forum on Islamic Countries Crisis”, Ifthar, Halaqah Al-Kahfi and Qiamullail,  Aurah Beauty and Confident campaign and Charity concert.

The SHAH Mosque was full house during the forum, “Moscar in Santai Anak Muda: Aku & Masjid”, held on 28 September, that featured Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki Abd Rani. The forum was aimed at increasing awareness on the role of the Mosque as the centre for Muslim unity, regardless of their background, race and skin colour.

Meanwhile, the Halaqah Kahfi and Qiamullail (HKQ) was held on 4 to 5 October, and the event had gathered IIUM community to practise the Sunnah of Prophet S.A.W which was also intended to “remind us on the End of the Day and the emergence of Fitnah Dajjal”, according to the programme manager, Muhammad Farhan Mohd Hanapiah.

The Grand Ifthar, which was held together with forum ‘Bicara Lelaki Buatmu Wanita’ , was aimed to cultivate the noble attitude of sedeqah and to strengthen the ukhuwah. “As we sit together, eat, share, enjoy the moment and spread the love, we create the bond of ukhuwah,” programme manager, Nur Farhah Aqilah said.

Also, a campaign specially for women entitled “Aurah, Beauty and Confidence” (ABC), was held on 3 October at business compound here. It was a continuity from the Aurah Clinic 1.0 . Programme manager, Roseniza Ezziani Abdul Rahman said: “We present a new image of ABC to inform about Aurah, Beauty and Confidence, which are the most related things in women.”

The rewang and closing ceremony was held at Foyer 1 and was officiated by the advisor of i-Masjid group Dr. RaudlotuL Firdaus Fatah Yasin. ***


Photos credited to imasjid_official


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