Mental illness: ‘HALUSINASI’ way to create awareness

By Arra Fauzi

GOMBAK, 6 OCTOBER 2018 – The Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA) is inviting all IIUM students including outsiders to their event called ‘HALUSINASI’, a Malay theatre staged in conjunction with World Mental Health Week.

Orphix House Production is collaborating with this theatre which will be held on 12 October at Main Auditorium IIUM from 8.00 p.m until 11.00 p.m

The theatre is aimed at opening our eyes about people who are diagnosed with mental illness and to clear misunderstandings we have with mental patients.

The theatre’s Assistant Programme Manager, Muhamad Danish, highlighted that they will focus on different perspectives throughout the play. He said, “We will show the plot which can be closely linked to what happened with our society today when it comes to mental illness and try to educate people about it.”

Tickets at RM6 for IIUM students and RM10 for members of the public are on sale, and can be purchased at HS Square where PSYCSTA has opened a booth.

Any updates regarding the event, readers may visit PSYCSTA’s official social media sites as follow: Facebook: Secretariat of Psychology IIUM, Twitter: @wmhw18 and Instagram: @wmhw18.

Further inquiries can be made by contacting Faizal 019-7384910 or Azhad 018-3154571.***

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