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You may feel very dizzy when you first wake upBe careful when standing or sitting up from a lying position.

17Guthrie RTerazosin in the treatment of hypertension and symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasiaa primary care trialJ Fam Pract 391994129-33.

The symptoms associated with BPH are related to bladder outlet obstructionwhich is comprised of two underlying componentsa static component and a dynamic componentThe static component is a consequence of an increase in prostate sizeOver timethe prostate will continue to enlargeHoweverclinical studies have demonstrated that the size of the prostate does not correlate with the severity of BPH symptoms or the degree of urinary obstruction1 The dynamic component is a function of an increase in smooth muscle tone in the prostate and bladder neckleading to constriction of the bladder outletSmooth muscle tone is mediated by sympathetic nervous stimulation of alpha-l adrenoceptorswhich are abundant in the prostateprostatic capsule and bladder neckThe reduction in symptoms and improvement in urine flow rates following administration of terazosin is related to relaxation of smooth muscle produced by blockade of alpha-l adrenoceptors in the bladder neck and prostateBecause there are relatively few alpha-l adrenoceptors in the bladder bodyterazosin is able to reduce the bladder outlet obstruction without affecting bladder contractility.

Metabolic side effects have included decreases in serum triglycerides and VLDL cholesteroland increases in HDL cholesterolTerazosinthe active ingredient contained in Hytrinmay counterbalance deleterious effects on the lipid profile associated with thiazide diureticsmaking it a reasonable drug to use in combination with these agentsRef]

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