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Imuran specifically works by interfering with the standard function of lymphocytes, which are cells that help in the production of immune system antibodies and other chemicals.

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The use of azathioprine for inhibition of renal homograft rejection is well establishedthe mechanism(sfor this action are somewhat obscureThe drug suppresses hypersensitivities of the cell-mediated type and causes variable alterations in antibody productionSuppression of T-cell effectsincluding ablation of T-cell suppressionis dependent on the temporal relationship to antigenic stimulus or engraftmentThis agent has little effect on established graft rejections or secondary responses.

Relatively oliguric patientsespecially those with tubular necrosis in the immediate postcadaveric transplant periodmay have delayed clearance of IMURAN or its metabolitesmay be particularly sensitive to this drugand are usually given lower doses.

Inflammation of the pancreas is a rare side effect from ImuranIf you have symptoms such as severe stomach painvomitingor oily stoolscall your doctor right away.

Imuran can potentiate the neuromuscular blockade produced by depolarising agents such as succinylcholine and can reduce the blockade produced by non-depolarising agents such as tubocurarineThere is considerable variation in the potency of this interaction.

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even though imuran is effective in treating serious lupus symptoms, long term use of this medication does increase the risk of developing cancer.

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