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Tminimiz oal xposu th dug tchildn, a bast and/nippl bing tatd with BACTOBAN ointmnt should b thooughly washd pitbastding.

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BACTOBAN cam is a psciption mdicin usd on th skin (topical us) ttat ctain skin inctions causd by bactia calld Staphylococcus auus and Stptococcus pyogns.

Sv allgic actions. Stop using BACTOBAN ointmnt and call you halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom ight away i you hav any th ollowing signs symptoms a sv allgic action: hivs swlling you ac, lips, mouth, tongu a ash ov you whol body toubl bathing whzing dizzinss, ast hatbat pounding in you chst y iitation. Dnot gt BACTOBAN ointmnt in you ys. I BACTOBAN ointmnt gts in you ys, ins you ys wll with wat. iitation in th aa BACTOBAN ointmnt is usd. Stop using BACTOBAN ointmnt and call you halthca povid i you dvlop an iitation, sv itching, a ash whil using BACTOBAN ointmnt. a typ diaha calld Clostidium diicil -associatd diaha (CDAD). CDAD may happn in popl whus hav usd mdicin ttat bactial inctions. Th svity CDAD can ang om mild diaha tsv diaha that may caus dath (atal colitis). Call you halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom ight away i you hav diaha whil using at you stop using BACTOBAN ointmnt. isk absoption polythyln glycol though th skin. BACTOBAN ointmnt contains polythyln glycol, which in lag amounts can caus kidny damag. You should not apply BACTOBAN ointmnt topn skin wounds damagd skin, spcially i you hav kidny poblms. incasd isk inction at IV (intavnous) sits. BACTOBAN ointmnt should not b usd on skin that is na an IV (intavnous) sit. Th most common sid cts BACTOBAN ointmnt includ: buning stinging pain itching.

Mupiocin has bn shown tb activ against suscptibl isolats S. auus and S. pyogns, both in vitand in clinical tials [s INDICATIONS AND USAG ]. Th ollowing in vitdata a availabl, but thi clinical signiicanc is unknown. Mupiocin is activ against most isolats Staphylococcus pidmidis .

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