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It is important to use the inhaler as instructedIf you accidentally take a larger dose than recommendedtalk to your doctor or pharmacistYou may notice your heart beating faster than usual and that you feel shakyYou may also have dizzinessa headachemuscle weakness and aching joints.

I’m having problems during respiration during some works like runningwhile using stairs and other several activitiesAnd also when I take a cup of teaI experience tachycardiaApart from this my ear continuously keep buzzinghaving abdominal pain and my nostrils always remains close for that i’m using otrivin right nowAnd also my right eyes always keep blinkingin hindi what we call aankh fadfadana

Your medicine is known by one of the above namesbut will be referred to as Seroflo throughout this leafletSeroflo is available in other strengths.

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you should avoid long-term use of seroflo inhaler unless otherwise suggested by your health care provider.

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