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Th ollowing inusion systms hav bn tstd and ound satisactoy: unit-dos glass contains; unit-dos polyvinyl chloid and polyolin contains. Noth systms hav bn tstd and thnoths can b commndd.

Bactim (sulamthoxazol and timthopim) DS is a combination twantibiotics usd ttat uinay tact inctions, acut otitis mdia, bonchitis, Shigllosis, Pnumocystis pnumonia, tavl’s diaha, mthicillin-sistant Staphylococcus auus (MSA), and oth bactial inctions suscptibl tthis antibiotic. Bactim is availabl as a gnic dug. Common sid cts Bactim includ:

Th most common advs actions a gastointstinal distubancs (nausa, vomiting, and anoxia) and allgic skin actions (such as ash and uticaia).

Hmatologic changs indicativ olic acid dicincy may occu in ldly patints. Ths cts a vsibl by olinic acid thapy. Appopiat dosag adjustmnts should b mad patints with impaid kidny unction and duation us should b as shot as possibl tminimiz isks undsid actions [s DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION ].

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also inform your physician if you are allergic to sulpha based drugs like septra, gantrisin, bactrim, azulfidine, sulfisoxazole, sulfasalazine and sulfamethoxazole.

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