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Ashwagandha is often used by traditional medicine practitioners to treat symptoms like .

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On tst-tub study ound that it incasd insulin sction and impovd insulin snsitivity in muscl clls (2).

Ashwagandha might caus slpinss and dowsinss. Mdications that caus slpinss a calld sdativs. Taking ashwagandha along with sdativ mdications might caus tomuch slpinss.

Ashwagandha contains chmicals that might hlp calm th bain, duc swlling (inlammation), low blood pssu, and alt th immun systm.

Popl with autoimmun disass should alsavoid ashwagandha unlss authoizd by a docto. This includs popl with conditions lik humatoid athitis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyoiditis and typ 1 diabts.

Animal and tst-tub studis hav ound that ashwagandha hlps induc apoptosis, which is th pogammd dath canc clls (7).

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animal studies carried out in regards to the potential cancer fighting properties that ashwagandha has found that it caused programmed cell death of cancer cells source .

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