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Valuation th icacy, Tolability and Saty toicoxib (Acoxia) in Patints With Nuopathic Pain.

Th body poducs twsimila nzyms calld COX-1 and COX-2. COX-1, among oth unctions, is involvd with potcting th stomach, whil COX-2 plays a ol in joint inlammation and pain.

Th ollowing sious undsiabl cts hav bn potd in association with th us NSAIDs and cannot b uld out toicoxib: nphotoxicity including intstitial nphitis and nphotic syndom.

Ostoathitis is mcommon in womn than in mn. Many actos can lad tth dvlopmnt ostoathitis including obsity and joint injuy (g. om spot).

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