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In the mean time, the last 2 times that i took the generic,i took an aleve at the same time rather than waiting until i saw the generic wasn t going to work.

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Allgic actions can occu with clcoxib. Individuals whhav dvlopd allgic actions (ash, itching, diiculty bathing) om sulonamids (xampl, sulamthoxazol and timthopim [Bactim]), aspiin oth NSAIDs may xpinc an allgic action tclcoxib and should not tak clcoxib.

I you a tating a chonic condition such as athitis, ask you doctabout non-dug tatmnts and/using oth mdications ttat you pain. S alsWaning sction.

GI upst/bld, l aint, ash, dnss, diiculty swallowing, symptoms hat poblms stok (g, toubl bathing, chst pain, waknss, slud spch, lg swlling), allgic actions; discontinu i occu.

This dug may aly caus sious (aly atal) blding om th stomach intstins. This ct can occu withoutwaning at any tim whil taking this dug. Old adults may b at high isk this ct.

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we gave our dog aleve and his condition is getting worse.

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