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ActionIt treats joint problemsBoswellia has pain-relieving properties that are useful in treating arthritis and joint painsIt also improves immunity.

Anti-lithiatic and lithotripticCystone has potent anti-lithiaticprevents the formation of kidney stonesand lithotripticdissolves kidney stonespropertiesIt prevents the accumulationdeposition and supersaturation of calculogenic chemicals like oxalic acid and calcium hydroxyproline in urineThis action inhibits the formation of kidney stonesIts lithotriptic property dissolves mucinwhich binds the stone particles togetherCystone is also a diuretic that flushes out small stones from the kidneys.

Objectives This randomizeddouble-blindedplacebo controlled study tried to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Rumalaya forte to patients suffering from HOA.

Small CaltropsGokshurais helpful the management of uro-genital diseases like kidney stonesbladder infection and other urinary tract infectionsIt helps promote general urinary tract health by eliminating dysuriapainful urination or blood present in urineand crystalluriaSmall Caltrops prevents the depositionaccumulation and supersaturation of calculogenic chemicals in urineIt is a potent antimicrobial agentPasanabhedaBergenia Ligulatapossesses diureticdemulcent and antimicrobial propertiesDue to a high content of mucilagewhich renders the herb its demulcent propertyPasanabheda soothes and protects irritated or inflamed internal tissueAs a diureticthe herb helps to flush out small stones and gravel along with urine.

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