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Ask a doctphamacist i it is sa you ttak this mdicin i you hav oth mdical conditions, spcially: any blding disod stomach poblms; hat disas, high blood pssu; asthma sasonal allgis; liv kidny disas; gout; diabts.

Aspiin can alscaus a sv allgic action. Gt mgncy mdical hlp i you hav hivs, whzing, swlling in you ac, lips, tongu, thoat.

Avoid dinking alcohol whil you a taking Anacin. Alcohol may incas you isk stomach blding.

H alsound als, unai and unsubstantiatd Amican Hom’s claim that Anacin was supitoth ov-th-count pain-killing dugs, Contay tits claims, Anacin dos not hav mpain-dulling ingdints than any oth ov-th-count intnal analgsic, spcial stong than aspiin, and dos not contain twic as much its analgstic ingdint as oth poducts, th judg ound.

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