Recruitment exercise for new intake students to join clubs

By Farzana Zahra

GOMBAK, 20 September 2018 – A recruitment exercise and an exhibition, a sub-programme under the “Week of Volunteers” was held to introduce UCCE – BUDI and 16 clubs under its umbrella to the IIUM community as well as to recruit new members for each club.

Organised by IIUM Board of Presidents UCCE-BUDI, the programme was held from 18 September (Tuesday) until 20 September (Thursday) from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm. The booth was located at the riverside, IIUM.

“The main objective of this programme is to introduce the clubs and open a new recruitment to new intake students,” Chairman of UCCE’s Board of Presidents, Muhammad Zulfekar Bin Khairul Anuar said.

Activities held during this programme include volunteers’ voice and public speaking competition where each club has to send one representative to join these activities.

The activities would help students to express themselves as well as to gain confidence when talking to the public.

“Week of Volunteers is held from 15 September until 14 October 2018 and this is the second sub-programme we have which lasted for three days,” said Muhammad Zulfekar.

New intake students are encouraged to join any club as it will help them to be active in their university life. New members are also welcomed. ***



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