Are you prepared for the new semester?

By Aida Zemani

Since the the new session and the upcoming semester is about to start very soon after a long break, I am wondering what kind of preparations should I make to face another chapter of my life in campus.

To be honest, stepping into a new semester after a long break is like taking a new opportunity to make better choices for ourselves. At least, for me. The routine I have been through in IIUM has never been the same for every semester ever since I joined this university.

Of course, it’s different when you are in your first year whereby you will have to register earlier than your seniors as you have to attend the TaWe (Taaruf Week). However, the week of activities that you go through would be a great help for the new students, and for most of you, it would be an unforgettable experience to treasure when you graduate later.

Taking on my experience, I am sharing with you some of the important things in my check-list that I have prepared, as we approach the new semester:

1. Check your timetable

Not everyone, but I think, most of the students always forgot to check their own timetable and ended up with chaotic timetable during the first week of the semester. They have to rush here and there to fill up their timetable in between having to attend classes. Although it is not entirely their fault as sometimes they cannot add their courses online, however, it’s good to plan your study plan earlier to avoid unintended issues cropping up later. It also helps you to be more organised throughout the semester.

2. Check important dates and venues

It is very crucial to take note of important dates and venues especially for matters like due date for “add and drop” subjects for submission, class allocated for each registered subject, the dates for starting of Tilawah, Fardhu Ain and skill classes and many more. Especially on the starting of co-curricular and skill classes, many students overlooked this matter. Despite its small number of credit hours, these classes are also important to enhance our skills and knowledge other than studies in our courses. And it is also very important to find out the venue of your classes earlier.

3. Be ‘friendly’ with Academic Advisor

The academic advisor in your department is there to help you with your problems or concerns. If you have any problem with your courses, timetable or anything related to your studies, you can always seek for their help. Don’t be too shy or afraid to meet the advisor. Your seniors might not be able to give you the right advice.

4. Find study materials earlier

It has become a norm for some students to find books, references or study materials during the first week of the semester. How about find them earlier? This is where it is important to prepare your timetable ahead of time. You can find any book and reference materials related to your subjects and make an early reading. It can somehow help you to have a rough picture of the subjects you are taking.

5. Prepare yourself mentally

If you have checked everything from the timetable on the necessities for your study, it is time to prepare yourself mentally to face the unknown challenges in the new semester. Certainly, different people have different ways to prepare themselves mentally before doing something. However, be truthful to yourself. If you believe that you can do it, set your mind into doing it, with Allah’s will, you can surely do it. Set your own goals or objective on what you want to achieve for the new semester.

6. Get a good rest

Knowing what you are going to encounter when the new semester begins, it’s best to get an early good rest at home. Practise getting sufficient amount of sleep so that you can get accustomed into having proper sleep later on. Having a good rest and enough sleep is important so that physically you will have a healthy body and a healthy mind to study. It can also avoid you from having stress which is bound to affect your mood for the day.

Now that you have done all the necessary things required, I believe you’re all set for the new semester! ***





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