IIUM Bangladesh community bids farewell to Dr. Ataul Huq Pramanik

By Mohammad Saifullah

GOMBAK, 1 August 2018: A legendary chapter of 30 years is going to end as Professor Dr. Ataul Huq Pramanik of Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) leaves Malaysia soon after serving IIUM for three decades.

Following this, the Bangladesh community last Monday (30 July) held a farewell programme at Al Shafee conference room in appreciation of Dr. Pramanik’s contributions.

Several lecturers and students shared their views about Dr. Pramanik’s contribution to IIUM and the world economy.

Associate Prof. Dr. Md. Moniruzzaman of the Department of Political Science (IRKHS), shared his views: “I have known Dr. Pramanik from 1986 when I first read his book on ‘Islamic banking’ and I was motivated to study economics, but during that time there was no internet so I had created an image of him as I did not see him.”

He added, “In 1990, I came as a student of IIUM, from that time until now he was our guardian. I’ve seen him as a teacher and a researcher who is always hungry to contribute in his field. As a guardian or as a father, I can sum up his life with three things – passionate about work, punctual and progressive in his field.”

Associate Professor Dr. Noor Mohammad Osmani from the Department of Quran and Sunnah, KIRKHS, had this to say about Dr. Pramanik: “I have a lot of things to say but today, I just want to share one thing about the man. He is a kind person, and I have seen him helping people always. No one returns with  empty hands from him.”

“We have seen how he developed professionalism and morality in life. You can see people who are either advance in professionalism or are good in morality, but if you want to see a balance of professionalism and morality, you have to look at Dr. Pramanik.”

Meanwhile, Professor Rafikul Islam of Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KEMS) shared: “This is his 30 years and mine 20 years in IIUM. I was very close to him for 20 years as we are colleague of the same Kulliyyah. I am an Indian, but I love Bangladesh as it has produced a man of Dr. Pramanik.”

“He is a role model, not only a teacher, a researcher, but a practising Muslim. I have learned a lot from him as I always followed his walk to the mosque. One lesson from Dr. Pramanik is that there is no substitute for hard-working. He used to say success comes in the end, success is on the other side of the tunnel. Therefore, you must work hard to find success.”

Another lecturer, Associate Professor Dr. Md.Yousuf Ali from the Department of General Studies, KIRKHS, said: “I don’t want to say it is a farewell, but an appreciation of his contribution to us. He will not be in our sight but will always be in our heart.”

Associate Professor Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan of the Department of English Language and Literature, KIRKHS, shared: “We have many things to learn from him, first is his lifestyle if you look at him you can see a simplicity, how he leads his life. We should follow him in our life not only his academic teaching but also his life, an example of moral development and material development.”

A few Bangladesh students also shared their feelings about Dr. Pramanik.

Mohammad Mohiuddin Mahi, who is currently pursuing his PhD at the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS), said: “His academic life is very clear to everyone, that he is often called the father of economics in IIUM, and he has given his contribution to the Malaysian economy as well as the world economy.”

Another PhD student, Mohammad Muhib Ullah from KENMS said, “From the first day I came to IIUM there was one person to help me and the whole community when we were in need. He was a father to us, who always took care of us, children. We wish him a blessed future and we hope he will continue to contribute to our community.” ***

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