Of empathy and humanity at forum on Syria care

By Farzana Zahra

GOMBAK, 30 March 2018: Some people have lost their sense of humanity and empathy because of ignorance, a forum on Human and Humanity was told recently.

The fact is that they simply choose to ignore the conflicts happening in Syria because they are living in a harmonious and peaceful country.

Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nor Mamat said, “Ignorance is not about what we do not know, it is simply about closing our heart to know about it.”

He said that it is natural for human beings to have the feelings of empathy and humanity and it is also part of our religion (Rahmah Lil Alamin).

The forum, held in conjunction with Humanitarian Mission 2018 @IIUM on 28 March in campus here, was intended to raise awareness among IIUM community about conflicts in Syria as well as to explain the meaning of humanity.

It was organised by Sekretariat Rukun Negara (SRN) in collaboration with Jelajah Kemanusiaan IPT 2018, Syria Care and NAR Records.

Moderated by Rohaya Ngah, a volunteer from Syria Care, the forum was delivered by three panelists – Siti Sakinah, Chairperson of Syria Care, Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nor Mamat, a lecturer from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), and one of the Malaysian well-known celebrities, Khai Bahar.

Siti Sakinah told the forum “what is happening in Syria right now is beyond one’s imagination”. “Not a single day passed through in Syria without killing and bombing.”

She said that by looking at this we know how humanity in Syria had vanished. “The most heartbroken part is when they became refugees in their own country.”

Siti Sakinah also shared about Syria Care, a non-governmental organisation, which started since 2012 but registered as an organisation in 2014 under the Registrar of Society Malaysia, and has been functioning until today.

Another panelist Khai Bahar shared his experience going to places where Syrian refugees live in Istanbul, Turkey. He said, “When I saw them, there’s a mixed feeling in my heart.”  ***

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