E-Diwan Apps way to learn Arabic language and literature

By Liana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 23 March 2018: It was a new innovation for International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) when it successfully came out with mobile application known as E-Diwan to facilitate students’ learning of the Arabic language and literature.

The  application was developed by Deputy Rector (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman, with the researcher team under the Ministry of Higher Education, comprising Dr. Mohd. Feham Ghalib, Dr. Murni Mahmud and Mohd. Zamri Ghani.

With the objective to align learning of the Arabic language with current technology and modernity through usage of smart phone, the approach will seem trendy among students today.

According to Prof. Dr. Rahmah, this is an alternative E-Learning plan, especially for Arabic literature, rather than just learning through class lecture to kill boredom among students.

“The students will be able to read the literature text and hear the reading from native speaker through just one click,” Prof. Rahmah was quoted as telling Berita Harian recently.

The practicality of the app’s functions such as poetry lesson, glossary and interactive discourse, have amazed those specialising in the Arabic language learning to help increase their understanding of the course.

Natasya Aiman Noh from Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS), shared: “The apps is very useful with its features such as portable, correct narrating sound, bibliography of the narrator, and meaning for the high terminology.”

Natasya revealed that she was proud with the E-Diwan apps noting that “it is helpful for Arabic learner like me”.

Since its launching in November last year, the apps received positive reviews from users.

“It’s very good and it makes me easy to understand the Arabic literary text that’s provided with explanation,” Wafa’ Fauzi who minors in Arabic language said. ***

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