Muhammad Syazani wins Musabaqah Itqan hafazan competition

 By Nurul Suhaidi

GOMBAK, 17 March 2018: Going after your goal is seemingly not impossible if we look at success that speaks for Muhammad Syazani bin Jemy, 20, when he was proclaimed winner in the Musabaqah Itqan hafazan competition recently (6 March).

Muhammad Syazani was awarded first place in the 30 juzuk hafazan category.

Born in Kluang, Johor, his success was attributed to strong motivation, support and prayers from his parents. His experienced teacher whom he regarded as a mentor, had given him much inspiration and acted as a guidance throughout the competition.

Muhammad Syazani did not expect to win the prize worth RM7,000 together with a trip to perform hajj sponsored by the Saudi embassy.

“Taking part in Quran memorisation competition can assist in hafiz Quran in effort to strengthen memorisation, to be rooted deep in memory forever. Quran is special, unlike other books, once you abandon it, the verse will gradually fade away. Thus, someone who is a hafiz needs to consistently repeat his or her hafazan,” Muhammad Syazani said.

This competition has also taught Muhammad Syazani about tawakkal and putting absolute trust in Allah. “Because this is the Book of Allah and Allah knows who He will guide.” He advised Muslims to utilise Quran as their best companion.

Syazani’s accomplishment was not confined to the national level as he has represented Malaysia in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Dubai at the international level as well. He was also appointed as a judge to evaluate school level hafazan competition, and his vast experience in this field had contributed to his success. ***

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