“Malaysians should be more aware of Palestinian issue” – Ustaz Abu Bakr

By Muhammad Faiz

GOMBAK, 14 December 2017: Malaysians ought to be more aware of the Palestinian issue. The topic was one of the main highlights from the interview in IIUM.fm on Wednesday (13 December).

Last week, the President of United States, Donald Trump was reported to have made headline when he supported the move to make Jerusalem the capital city of Israel. Since then, many people have taken a stand against his shocking declaration.

As one of the initiatives to address the Palestinian question and the human rights of Muslims, #DoneDakwah, one of IIUM.fm’s on-air programme featured the issue. The station invited one of the activists in humanitarian mission in a Non-Government Organisation named HALUAN, Ustaz Abu Bakr Sidek.

Asked to comment on the importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Muslims, Ustaz Abu Bakr said, “Al-Aqsa is mentioned in the Holy Quran and the early history of Islam, therefore it shows the significance of Al-Aqsa.”

“It is not even the US President’s right to publicly declare support for Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel as it is such a breach of the rules and regulations of the United Nations,” he told during the interview.

Ustaz Abu Bakr signified how important it is to educate the youngsters on such issue from early age as what he does with his children. He went on to further say that when he told his children regarding such an issue, his children felt saddened and empathetic with the plight of the Palestinian people.

“As Muslims, we must treat the Palestinian issue with top priority instead of treating it as a seasonal issue that comes and go,” he added. ***

Pictures Credit to Taufiq


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